Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Wheat freedom

As I age I've noticed more weight, more pain, pretty much more of everything! Since I've had my daughter, "everything" seems to happen faster and more painfully. Hence my journey into the world of wheat-free.

It all came about after an acquaintance was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. She's my age, has children my daughter's age., and she's facing the very real possibility of dying. I immediately started cataloging my own aches and pains. I'm in far worse physical shape than her. I have a diet that consists of very few cancer resistant foods, in fact just the opposite, I drink diet cola like each can will be my last. How can I prevent a similar fate?

I turned to a good friend. She had a laundry list of ailments simply a year ago. Facing a similar fate, tumors, cysts and diagnosed pre-diabetic. Today you see a beautiful, healthy, active women who's lost a total of 100 pounds so far! AMAZING! She is who I turned to for help. Being newly thin and full of knowledge she has offered to mentor me through the difficult process of the 60 pounds I have to go. It all begins with "Wheat Belly". This book so clearly outlines why wheat will kill you. Then you read his blog and read the stories of those who have changed their lives and you feel the truth behind every word!

We are eliminating all wheat products, as well as products with dye. Just learning to read the labels has been a huge eye opener for me! Who knew there was wheat in such a vast array of products? And the colors and artificial flavors- mind boggling!

The funniest experience so far has been returning the unopened dry goods; pasta, sauces, dessert mixes, etc. The cashier looks at you as if you've plopped something horrible on the counter. Then when you politely say, "I'm not eating wheat", instead of understanding, you get the stink eye! Why is this concept confusing? People give up wheat every day! I'll continue to smile as my waist quickly shrinks, because after all it's only been a week and I've already lost 6 pounds without any effort except not eating wheat!

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